As we all know, looks aren't always everything, but the stylish look that they have  Phieres bags and backpacks bring with it, it is worth taking a closer look. So if you're looking for a sustainable backpack, this is it Highskooph Bag , dem Colleph Bag or that Risiph Hip Bag by Phieres well served.

Now, of course, first of all, Universal backpack that can be used anywhere, of course by far the most used and therefore the most useful. So that you don't make a purchase based solely on appearance, volume and functions, it is important that the backpack can also easily withstand everyday use. That's why it's not just the stylish look that counts when it comes to such sustainable items, but also a very high durability and resistance of the material .

Material of Phieres bags and backpacks

Kraft paper has the positive property that a very high and tear-resistant structure is achieved thanks to the particularly long and stable fibers. By adding starch, glue and alum, the robustness of the paper is further adjusted so that it can withstand storms and rain. Over time the material changes to a softer, almost leather-like structure. So every backpack becomes one absolutely unique.

There Kraft paper Because it is almost 100% made of cellulose, the material can be easily recycled and reused and is therefore not only stylish and stable, but also particularly environmentally friendly. Of course, personal taste always decides, but with our Phieres bags and backpacks you can be absolutely sure Quality, resilience and sustainability mesh perfectly. Whether as an everyday backpack on the way to the lake or to work, with our bags and backpacks made of kraft paper you will look stylish and be well equipped.

So if you need a backpack with lots of space and durable material then this is it Highskooph Bag made of kraft paper from Phieres exactly the right choice for you. The subtle look of the backpack can be easily combined with many different outfits.

Also the Colleph Bag Not only does it impress with its plenty of space, it is also an indispensable everyday backpack. The many compartments and functions of the kraft paper backpack allow you to store your things neatly and safely.

The Risiph Hip Bag is your faithful companion at your next festival and offers enough space for your cell phone, sunglasses and wallet. Thanks to the durable and waterproof material, the hip bag can withstand any weather.

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