About Us

Phieres is a brand from the Tyrolean mountains with the motivation to create innovative products in the areas of sport and lifestyle. The name "Phieres" is an artistic derivation of the word "sapphires", which is intended to reflect the brilliance and uniqueness of the brand. The logo embodies the playful symbiosis of sapphire and lotus blossom, which is not only a symbol of timeless elegance and beauty, but also of transformation and renewal.

When developing new products, innovative materials and production processes are used that minimize the ecological footprint while meeting the highest standards in terms of quality and design.

Phieres is more than just fashion – it is a manifestation of passion, emotion and a deep love for nature and people. Each piece in the collection tells a story inspired by the infinite beauty and diversity of the world. Discover the magic of Phieres – where tradition meets innovation and beauty shapes the future.