At Phieres we are committed to exploiting opportunities for better and more sustainable production of the materials used in our products.

Bio polymers are the basis as a replacement for plastic.

Castor oil from the bean of the miracle tree forms the basis for sebacic acid, which acts as the basis for the renewable raw material portion of the polymer.

By using plant-based raw materials that have already removed CO² from the environment during their growth phase, the CO² balance of this material is significantly better than that of conventional plastics.

For our products that require polyamide, we have been using “bio polymers” since 2021 and now add between 25% to 75% of this material in our products such as sunglasses and snow goggles.

Our other clothing and accessories products with organic cotton or recycled polyester have also been marked with their own sustainable hangtag since 2021.

Phieres relies heavily on sustainability, ecologically sensible production and organic materials for a better life for people, animals and the environment.


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