About the company Carl Zeiss

Carl Zeiss – Lenses by Zeiss is a leading international optics and optoelectronics company that has been contributing to global technological progress with innovative technologies and solutions for over 160 years. Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens deal with the Development, design and production of sun protection lenses and is therefore the perfect complement to our Phieres snow goggles.

Structure of the glasses

Who doesn't know it - you drive up the mountain or go on a tour, the weather conditions change and the snow goggle lenses don't keep what they promise. The Zeiss glasses have been through several Analyzes tailored precisely to such situations.

Let's give an example. Through the reflection of the sky with the snow lots of blue light generated that enters our eyes. This in turn means that the eye is overwhelmed by the blue light and it can be difficult to see it Recognize shades of snow. However, we still need some of the blue light to see the irregularities in the snow. It is therefore necessary to let in a balanced amount of blue light. That's why it's important to think about it what lighting conditions you need the glasses . Changing weather conditions also play a role here.

It is common in winter sports that weather conditions can change dramatically, from sunny to foggy, from snowy to flat light. Under such conditions it is important to have both Uneven ground as well as that Protection from sunlight clear to see. That's why you have to pay attention to the correct tint of the lenses.


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