Summer, sun, beach and sea and delicious antipasti, who doesn't love the feeling of the simple and carefree La Dolce Vita life. However, Italy is by no means only known for this, it is also a leader in the Manufacture of high quality sunglasses . So if you are still looking for stylish, light, flexible and perfectly fitting sunglasses, then these are handmade ones Models Darph , Seaphatch , Squiph , Sleeph and Dudeph made in Italy exactly the right thing for you.

Production of sunglasses

The production of the sunglasses in Italy promises through years of experience and extensive Know-how a much higher one Quality standard than in other countries. Thanks to shorter and more environmentally friendly transport routes, we can do a lot more ecological production guarantee. Each model is handmade, making each pair of sunglasses unique. This also makes production much more sustainable and at the same time benefits the environment.

Manufacture of sunglasses

Our handmade sunglasses provide you with one UV protection of 400 nanometers Not only for glare protection, they primarily filter the harmful UVA and UVB rays and thus protect your eyes. So you are well prepared for the warm and sunny days. However, the different tints of the lenses say nothing about UV protection.

The sunglasses lenses are made with CR-39 material, which is much lighter, cheaper and has better optical quality than other materials. In addition, the CR-39 plastic is particularly characterized by its high Break and splinter resistance out of. The Swiss TR90 premium material makes the sunglasses frames incredible Flexible and durable , this means the sunglasses adapt perfectly to any face shape. The sunglasses are also extremely light, so you'll feel like you're not even wearing them. The incredible workmanship of the TR90 frames make the sunglasses more resistant to damage .

Sunglasses models – Made in Italy

The Darph Not only does it impress with its unobtrusive style, it also fits perfectly with its medium size for men and women. The temples of these sunglasses promise a secure hold and ensure that your new favorite sunglasses don't slip.

These simple sunglasses go with any of your outfits, whether sporty or elegant. The Seaphatch offers the best wearing comfort and is perfect as all-day sunglasses. The Seaphatch also offers perfect protection in bright sunshine.

The Squiph is unique and stands out particularly due to its polygon shape. These sunglasses are based on the 50s and 60s with their unusual, sweeping and eye-catching shape. This popular and well-known trend look is becoming more and more popular these days.

Absolutely stylish and particularly light, you hardly notice the sunglasses. The Sleeph impresses with its striking cylindrical lenses and offers exceptional vision on sunny days. In addition, these sunglasses are definitely an eye-catcher.

The round glasses of the Dudeph give it a sporty and at the same time fashionable style. In addition, the metal temples give it the market vintage look. These handmade sunglasses offer the highest level of quality and are particularly popular due to their light weight.

Caring for sunglasses is particularly important so that the lenses are not scratched or damaged. At the Cleaning the sunglasses lenses It is therefore important not to use alcohol-containing wipes! The easiest way to clean the glasses is with water and hand soap and with a Microfiber or cotton cloth to rub dry. With little effort you can always have your favorite sunglasses clean and shiny.

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