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Inflatable SUP boards , too iSUPs , short for Inflatable Stand-up paddle boards are now one of the most popular water sports devices Trend sport of the last few years.

No wonder, because you can explore lakes, rivers and other bodies of water in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way with minimal equipment and little effort. Stand up paddling is also said to be a kind of meditation and balm for the soul. This is due to the fluid movements and gentle gliding in the water as well as the absolute calm when you are out and about at the right time. This is why trendy water sports are also taking place Followers in every age group . Rightly so, in our opinion, because it is a sport for everyone, no matter what fitness level, weight class or size you are.

Stand Up Paddling: Workout, training, relaxation and enjoyment

Just leave the stress of everyday life behind you Body workout Move to the water and paddle to places that are not visible from land or can only be reached via water. promoting balance Yoga sessions on the SUP or relax and paddle a few laps in the lake with your four-legged friend. This makes every stand up paddle board tour exciting and special. Varied and flexible tours, like life itself, are standard in stand up paddling and always put a smile on faces. Pure enjoyment for nature lovers. Stand up paddling is a sport for everyone , whether housewife, surfer or sun worshipper. Paddling with the oversized surfboard trains your whole body and your balance at once. And all by just gliding through the enchanting nature.

The stand up paddle boards from Phieres: Phrocket and Pholory

The round design with soft edges ensures both of them SUP all-rounders “PHIERES Phrocket” and “PHIERES Pholory” for great handling and secure footing. A very important advantage, especially for beginners. Our agile SUP boards are also perfect for advanced paddle boarders and turn even faster rivers and streams into an adventure playground for experienced stand up paddle boarders.

To choose the right paddle board size, you should always keep in mind: the taller and heavier the person, the longer and wider the board. The exact weight information of the respective paddlers is listed in the product description of each board.

Setting up the SUP board is always the first, perhaps even somewhat strenuous step before water fun. It's best to view pumping as a warm-up or training, because until the optimal pressure of around 15 psi or 1 bar is reached, it can get sweaty. But the effort will be worth it, you'll see.

If you the all day on your SUP Of course, you'll need enough when you're on the road provisions , enough to drink and sufficient sun protection . Things like sunscreen, one Bucket Hat , a Cap or T-shirt because the sun's rays on the water are easily underestimated. So that you can get yours Store utensils safely you can with our stand up paddle boards elastic loops on the nose appropriate. You can easily tie a backpack or dry bag there and won't lose anything, even if you capsize with your iSUP.

Advantages of stand up paddling at a glance

  • Discover places you would never reach without a SUP board or over land.
  • See coastlines, bays and lakeshores from a different, probably more beautiful perspective.
  • Enjoy the peace and quiet at sea and relax in the sun without squeezing yourself next to hundreds of “towel spot reservers” and screaming kids.
  • Meditate or train on your SUP, whether early in the morning or at sunset.
  • You don't have to live by the sea and wait for waves to get a little surf feeling, but you can relax and go to the nearest body of water.

Scope of delivery of the Phieres iSUP boards

So that the adventure on the water can start quickly and worry-free, our iSUPs complete with pump , leash , removable fin and Repair kit delivered. Everything is packed to save space Comfortable backpack to carry so that everything can be easily stored in the right place easily transported can be. Also on board and included is the paddle made of lightweight aluminum. Small when packed and put together quickly. The length of the Aluminum paddles is easy to change and can be infinitely adjusted. The rule of thumb for the paddle length is body height +15cm.

Material and structure of our i-SUP boards

Thanks to new manufacturing processes and revised materials, inflatable SUP boards have largely displaced older hard or solid boards from the market.

Thanks to the durable materials and modern manufacturing, the Phieres iSUP boards achieve stiffness, buoyancy and resilience that can be easily compared to a hardboard.

The multi-layer structure of the outer shell of the Phieres SUP boards in particular ensures a durable outer skin and a long service life . The production of robust PVC layers and the innovative construction of the core significantly improve the properties of the inflatable SUP boards. This double-walled construction is called dropstitch. Many very tightly interwoven polyester threads inside the board ensure stability and sufficient stiffeners.

A decent iSUP must definitely be rock solid when inflated and must not bend in the water. The risk of you capsizing would be far too high.

The history of the SUP board

As is often the case in history, it is not possible to say exactly who invented stand-up paddling. But if you look for the origins of stand up paddling you will find information that the first stand up paddlers were the Hawaiian surfing instructors of the 50s and 60s. The Beach Boys at the time took large surfboards and a canoe paddle to keep track of their surf students and also take photos.
Stand-up surfing only really became known in the early 2000s, when there were almost no waves for one summer on Maui. A few well-known water sports enthusiasts started paddling across the sea standing up and the sport of stand up paddling was carried out of the surfing scene into the big, wide world and became the new trend sport. Nowadays, a good 20 years later, they are It's hard to imagine life without stand up paddle boards and enjoy great popularity.

Paddle towards the sun with the stand up paddle boards from Phieres

If you're feeling the summer vibes and the waves now, it's time to give this great sport a chance. Explore the waters in your area and write your own story with the new stand-up paddle boards from Phieres.

Coming soon - the new collection for summer 2023 / Available from mid-July


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