When you do outdoor sports, it is important to always have a clear view of the terrain. Because the majority of our movements are controlled via the eye. One Sports glasses so it's not just one Fashion accessory , but one important part of sports equipment . When selecting sports glasses, it is important to find the perfect combination of intended use, suitable frames and the right lenses. Here are the Sports glasses and replacement lenses Sharkbiteph Plus , Sharkbiteph Origin , Sharkbite Sharkbiteph X Dudes , Sharkbiteph Ldt , Sandgraiph & Sandgraiph Ltd and Samuraiph by Phieres exactly the right choice for you.

Sports glasses frame

The glasses frames are made from the Material organic TPU manufactured. This material is often referred to as a middle ground between rubber and plastic. The consistency appears rubbery, which means it is very elastic, ultra light and easy to grip. However, at the same time it is also extremely durable and strong. Also the one processed into the glasses frame Swiss TR90 premium material is flexible and adapts perfectly to the shape of your face with the adjustable nose piece. In addition, the sports glasses accommodate twists without offering too much resistance.

Lenses of sports glasses

The sports glasses lenses are made of plastic, to be precise, shatterproof polycarbonate. The advantage is obvious. The lenses are therefore more durable and thus reduce the risk to the eyes. The longevity of our sports glasses is also particularly important Anti-scratch technology supports, which protects the lenses from stronger resistance and impacts.

The eyes are constantly exposed to light every day, especially in nature. That's why it's even more important that the lenses provide optimal protection from sunlight. The sports glasses come with a UV protection of 400 nanometers equipped and therefore not only provide glare protection, but also filter out harmful UV rays. Also the tint Your sports glasses play an important role because they ensure a better visibility in different lighting conditions . This means it is also important to pay attention to which outdoor activity you need the glasses for so that you use the right lens. When it comes to sports glasses, there are different categories for classifying the lenses.


CAT 1 sports glasses have a tint of 20-57%. This category of lenses is perfect for overcast days suitable. However, on sunny days you should use a different category because the glare protection is too low.


CAT 2 sports glasses are especially for everyday use suitable, it is also perfect for beautiful summer days as it offers enough glare protection. The tint for category 2 sports glasses is 57-82%.


For activities on Water surfaces, on the beach or on the mountains A CAT 3 sports lens is best suited. The lens has a tint of 82-92% and thus protects against glare in almost all situations. This means that sports glasses with CAT 3 lenses are also the most frequently purchased.


Category 4 is the highest degree of tint for sports glasses. The lenses have a tint of 92-97% and are therefore almost completely opaque. This makes them perfect High mountains and on glaciers . The reflections from snow and ice on glaciers are so bright that normal sunglasses are often not enough to provide enough glare protection.

Due to the high levels of sunlight and the reflection of water or snow, for example, our eyes are dazzled and this quickly leads to signs of fatigue because the eye is always trying to adapt optimally to the constantly changing light conditions. The solution to this is polarizing lenses , which are able to intercept the corresponding light reflections from the field of vision and ensure clear vision. The light only reaches the eyes attenuated and no longer dazzles, so you can see much clearer and sharper. The advantages of polarized glasses are particularly evident when doing sports or driving. Normal sunglasses are usually not enough here Reflections and glare keep away.

Sports glasses models

The Sharkbiteph Not only does it impress with an excellent fit, but also with extended ventilation, which optimally keeps the field of vision free from fogging, especially when mountain biking. It also protects super robust and flexible TR90 frame your glasses in case of impacts and with the 3D adjustable nose piece the glasses stay where they belong. When you buy the Sharkbiteph you get another stylish contrast lens, a glasses strap, a frame for adjusting optical lenses and a high-quality EVA hard case including a cleaning cloth. Additional lenses in different light categories and colors are also available for these sports glasses.

The Sandgraiph was equipped with a high-quality ecological organic TPU frame that is extremely light, shockproof and durable. A wide field of vision and a Half frame construction ensure perfect visibility, especially when biking. You can purchase additional lenses in different light categories and colors for these glasses.

The Samuraiph impresses with its simple yet sharp design, excellent fit and impressive lenses. With the interchangeable lens, the Samuraiph is quick and easy change over when lighting conditions change . When you purchase the Samuraiph you also receive a high contrast lo-light lens and a high-quality EVA hard case including a cleaning cloth. You can also buy additional lenses in different light categories and colors for these glasses.

At the Clean the sports glasses Use the included cleaning cloth or simply clean with water and hand soap and wipe dry with a microfiber or cotton cloth.

Here it goes  to the sports glasses !


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