Surfing or surfing: one of the most incredible experiences in our lives!

Surfing: lifestyle, just a good feeling or the meaning of life?

Already on the way to the spot, your new one Surfboard With a tight grip on you, emotions rise within you. The foaming spray swirls around in the air and you can already feel the butterflies in your stomach. When you wait patiently in the line up for the perfect moment and the desire to catch the next wave becomes greater and greater. Paddling out, hitting the first set of waves and landing the perfect take off is a unique feeling and for many the meaning of life.

You, the element of water, your surfboard, the pure energy of the vast oceans and nothing in between.

We definitely want to share this unique feeling of freedom and closeness to nature with you. The Phieres team therefore has a small capsule on it Surfboards and inflatable stand-up paddle boards , also known as i-SUP named, developed and produced . Together with you we want to immerse yourself in the world of surfing, the relaxed lifestyle and the challenges of surfing.

shortboards , Swallow Tails and hybrid surfboards designed by Phieres in Austria

The newly developed PHIERES surfboards are perfect shaped to the different waves surf around the globe. Whether river surfing in the Zillertal or the Danube, wake surfing at your favorite lake, even perfect tubes in Bali, Costa Rica or Hawaii, that is the natural habitat of Phieres surfboards.

In order to surf a wide variety of waves and to perform perfectly on the water, there are Surfboards from Phieres in different shapes . This means it doesn't matter whether your surfing level is beginner, pro or somewhere in between. Phiere's surfboards are suitable for every surf style and swell and in different lengths and volumes to have. From professional shortboards and swallow tails to beginner-friendly hybrid surfboards and fun machines for wakesurfing.

But before you go out and buy a surfboard, totally hyped and full of anticipation, we want to give you some helpful information and useful tips for chasing waves.

In the next Phieres blog post you will find helpful tips and information about the different surfboard shapes in our surfboard guide.

Surfboards: The right size and shape

So put on your wetsuit, fish the right surfboard out of your quiver and head to the next surf spot!


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